A kind review for Kelham Fire Protection LTD

Thank you for your kind words Alice.

We have carried out over 3000 inspections of rental properties on behalf of our clients in the last 15 years.

The proforma, and inspection process, we use is based on statistical analysis regarding information from historical fires. Together in consultation with Housing Health & Safety Rating System, LACORS ,and various Landlords groups.

My 30 years operational experience as a fire officer in the Leeds area enables Kelham Fire Protection ltd to highlight any hazards and risk factors in homes that are rented out.

We are able to offer pragmatic and engineered solutions at affordable prices to ensure that your residents are as safe as possible.

As we are an independent organisation, our impartial and expert advice gives assurance to any potential renters, particularly the parents of young students leaving the family home for the first time to live with others.

Further info can be found here regarding Landlords obligations. https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/your-landlords-safety-responsibilities

Kelham Fire Protection ltd are pleased to announce that they have combined forces with Qualis Training http://www.qualistraining.co.uk/

They are a Leeds based company delivering quality first aid courses across Leeds and West Yorkshire. They have a dedicated team of experienced tutors delivering our courses to the highest standard. They aim to provide a comprehensive, professional and affordable learning experience.

Kelham Fire Protection Ltd is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring Garforth Town FC for the 2021-22 season

Please support your local club in these challenging times. Grass roots football is the foundation for all the professional leagues.

Garforth Town FC is a friendly, easily accessible club with one of the best stands and settings in semi pro football. There is a fully stocked bar and cafe facilities.

It is a perfect venue to introduce the youngsters to the *Beautiful Game*

The perfect fire protection products for your kitchen, caravan or property that you rent or let out. Multichem Fire Extinguishers.

No messy dry powder.

Safe for fires involving cooking oils and fats.

Safe for the inadvertent use on electrical fires.

Multichem Fire Extinguisers
The MultiCHEM fire extinguisher offers a new solution. This high-performer is an ABF-rated extinguisher. Even in the hands of an untrained and incompetent person the MultiCHEM can tackle a sizeable fire.
The compact three-litre unit brings lightweight and diminutive dimensions to a seriously powerful extinguisher. It has the ‘magic’ 13A fire rating and a high 40F rating.
No other extinguisher can provide this level of safety for the public and its workforces.
– Kitemarked and Manufactured to BS EN3
– Super strong base skirt for protection
– Corrosion-resistant fi nish
– Polyethylene internal lining
– Brass spray nozzle

Fire Blanket 1m x1m

Fire blankets provide additional fire safety in a kitchen or catering setting or in the event of clothing fires. Covering the flames with a fire blanket cuts the supply of oxygen to the contents of a pan or person’s clothing.
A fire blanket is also ideal for use in caravans, schools, hospitals, laboratories, factories and offices.

Please follow the link for an educational interactive video that could help you to understand the development of a house fire and the importance of having smoke detectors. We would appreciate it if you could like and share this article. It may help someone who is unaware of the dangers.


Fire Safety in your home, flat or caravan.

Do you have a flat, house or caravan that you rent out or let to customers, family or friends?You have a duty of care to provide a safe environment during their tenure.

Part of that duty is reduce the danger from fire to a minimum. The most effective way is to provide early warning by installing smoke detectors.

Having early warning of a fire, a clear escape route and a fire evacuation plan, really does save lives. (more to follow)