Barbecue Fire and General Safety Advice

Outdoor activities are often a great way to spend your leisure time but they have their own set of unique fire risks that should not be underestimated. However, some common sense preparation can ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Barbecues A barbecue should be a safe and enjoyable experience but it’s all tooContinue reading “Barbecue Fire and General Safety Advice”

A kind review for Kelham Fire Protection LTD

Thank you for your kind words Alice. We have carried out over 3000 inspections of rental properties on behalf of our clients in the last 15 years. The proforma, and inspection process, we use is based on statistical analysis regarding information from historical fires. Together in consultation with Housing Health & Safety Rating System, LACORSContinue reading “A kind review for Kelham Fire Protection LTD”

Kelham Fire Protection ltd are pleased to announce that they have combined forces with Qualis Training

They are a Leeds based company delivering quality first aid courses across Leeds and West Yorkshire. They have a dedicated team of experienced tutors delivering our courses to the highest standard. They aim to provide a comprehensive, professional and affordable learning experience.