Fire Safety and the importance of Fire Doors in High Rise Dwellings.

In relation to the latest report regarding the findings at Grenfell.

Many deaths were the result of faulty or missing Fire Doors compromising the only fire escape staircase.

Also the individual flats being compromised and breached by faulty window surrounds after a refurbishment.

However it is still being portrayed that a “stay put policy” is the best policy. This is a dangerous and misleading statement.

It should be classed as “A RELATIVE PLACE OF SAFETY”

Steps to take should be in this order:

1. If your flat is directly involved in fire then evacuate.

2. If the fire is in a flat on your floor level then assess the situation and be prepared to evacuate to a lower level if safe to do so.

3. If the fire is above or a few floors away below then it is PROBABLY safer to remain in your flat. Be prepared to evacuate if it is safe to do so.

4. If it likely that the whole of the building is going to be involved, like Grenfell then leave the building if possible if it is safe to do so.

THERE ARE NO FIRM AND FIXED RULES because every incident can be different.

I had 30 years of operational service at the once busiest fie station in the UK and had an area that has one of the most densely populated areas in Europe and contained numerous high rise flats.

During that time I never experienced a fire death where a dwelling had early means of warning (smoke/heat detectors) and a suitable means of escape.


Use the attached link to check the suitability of your flat entrance door and the fire door leading onto the stairway.

Inform your landlord if you have any concerns.

Stay Safe.☺️

Fire Safety Doors.

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