A kind review for Kelham Fire Protection LTD

Thank you for your kind words Alice.

We have carried out over 3000 inspections of rental properties on behalf of our clients in the last 15 years.

The proforma, and inspection process, we use is based on statistical analysis regarding information from historical fires. Together in consultation with Housing Health & Safety Rating System, LACORS ,and various Landlords groups.

My 30 years operational experience as a fire officer in the Leeds area enables Kelham Fire Protection ltd to highlight any hazards and risk factors in homes that are rented out.

We are able to offer pragmatic and engineered solutions at affordable prices to ensure that your residents are as safe as possible.

As we are an independent organisation, our impartial and expert advice gives assurance to any potential renters, particularly the parents of young students leaving the family home for the first time to live with others.

Further info can be found here regarding Landlords obligations. https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/your-landlords-safety-responsibilities

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Established 1986. A family based business. Open 24 hours. No hard sell and no targets to achieve. Our aim is make your premises compliant and safer from fire at affordable prices.

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